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Bernard O'Reilly

Bernard O'Reilly was an Irish born historian. As a young man, O’Reilly emigrated to Canada and was eventually ordained priest in Quebec in 1843.. He was one of the heroic priests who attended the plague-stricken Irish emigrants in the typhus- sheds along the St. Lawrence after the "black '47". As a Jesuit, he was chaplain in the Irish Brigade and served with the Army of the Potomac during a large part of its campaigns. He later resigned from the order and Pope Leo XIII, appointed him a prothonotary Apostolic in 1887, gave him the special materials for his "Life of Leo XIII" (New York, 1887). Among the many books he published these were notable: "Life of Pius IX" (1877); "Mirror of True Womanhood" (1876); "True Men" (1878); "Key of Heaven" (1878); "The Two Brides" (1879); "Life of John MacHale, Archbishop of Tuam" (1890). of his fellow priests and friends.