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Casey at the Bat:

Casey at the Bat: The real Casey at the bat was a Hartford, Connecticut school teacher named Daniel Henry Casey . The poems, author, E.L. Thayer, was once Casey's school mate at Worcester High School. Thayer was the editor of the school paper The Monophippic Gazette, the first high paper in the country. In the papers first issue in 1881, the smaller Thayer chided the much larger Casey for his weakness in Latin. A while later, Casey confronted Thayer in the schools hallway, and looking down at the much smaller boy, Casey stormed off after an exchange of words, the two young men never spoke top each other again. Seven years later, in 1888, Thayer was now earning his living as a poet in residence to the San Francisco Examiner and decided to do a poem about Baseball. Needing a larger then life ball player as his central figure, Thayer reached back to his childhood and pulled out Casey's name and ran his Casey at the Bat poem in the Examin­er. A while later, the actor, De wolfe Harper read the poem aloud at a dinner given for the professional ball club, the New York Nationals. The reading was a smash hit and went on to become part of American popular folklore. Over the years a series of pretenders to the throne claimed to be the real Casey including baseball near great's Daniel Michael Casey and later, catcher Tim Casey laid claim to the tittle of the real Casey