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Francis Mahony

The Ladye Of Lee by Rev. Francis Mahony ("Father Prout") poet and writer, born in Cork about 1803; he died in Paris, May 19, 1866. His remains were brought to Cork and buried under the shadow of Shandon Steeple.

"The Ladye Of Lee"

There's a being bright, whose beams
Light my days and gild my dreams,
Till my life all sunshine seems -
'tis the ladye of Lee.
Oh! the joy that Beauty brings,
While her merry laughter rings,
And her voice of silver sings -
how she loves but me!
There's grace in every limb,
There's a charm in every whim,
And the diamond cannot dim -
The dazzling of her e'e.
There's a light amid
The lustre of her lid,
That from the crowd is hid-
and only I can see.
'Tis the glance by which is shown
That she loves but me alone;
That she is all mine own -
this ladye of Lee.
Then say, can it be wrong,
If the burden of my song
Be, how fondly I'll belong
to this ladye of Lee!