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John O’Hara

John O’Hara: Born in Pottsville Pa. and educated at Niagara Prep. O'Hara was a successful newspaper man, a drama and film critic and from 1934, a screenwriter and novelist. His first novel Appointment in Samara brought him his first public recognition. He followed up a year later with Butterfield 8, which established O'Hara as one of the nations leading fiction writers although he was best known for his work on New York’s Nightlife underworld. (Pal Joey, 1940)

At best, he could be a difficult man (when sober) and a social snob, O'Hara tried desperately to distance himself from his Irish roots and the more he tried the closer he came to them. (his stories were better known for their characterization and sharp dialogue then for plot) He was said to be a mean drunk, and he was drunk in the latter part of his life, often.

One evening while out on the town with writer John Stienbeck, the drunken O'Hara insulted two midgets who were sitting next to him at the bar and threatened to use one of them as a mixing stick. Having had enough of the surly writer, the two midgets leaped from their seats, pulled O'Hara to the floor and pounded, mercilessly until they were pulled off by Stienbeck. On his feet, O'Hara said "Well I guess I caugh the short end of it" and the fight started again


Appointment in Samarra (1934)

BUtterfield 8 (1935)

Hope of Heaven (1938)

Pal Joey (1940)

A Rage to Live (1949)

The Farmers Hotel (1951)

Ten North Frederick (1955)

A Family Party (1956)

From the Terrace (1958)

Ourselves to Know (1960)

The Big Laugh (1962)

Elizabeth Appleton (1963)

The Lockwood Concern (1965)

The Instrument (1967)

Lovey Childs: A Philadelphian's Story (1969)

The Ewings (1970)

The Second Ewings (1972)

[edit] Short story collections

The Doctor’s Son and Other Stories (1935)

Files on Parade 1939)

Graven Image (1943)

Pipe Night (1945)

Hellbox (1947)

Sermons and Soda Water: A Trilogy of Three Novellas (1960)

Assembly (1961)

The Cape Cod Lighter (1962)

The Hat on the Bed (1963)

The Horse Knows the Way (1964)

Waiting for Winter (1966)

And Other Stories 1968)

The Time Element and Other Stories (1972)

Good Samaritan and Other Stories (1974)


He Married His Wife (1940)

Moontide (1942)


Five Plays (1961)

(The Farmers Hotel, The Searching Sun, The Champagne Pool, Veronique, The Way It Was)


Sweet and Sour (1954) Assorted columns on books and authors

My Turn (1966) Fifty-three weekly columns written for Newsday

Letters (1978)