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Patrick Donahoe

                                   The pilot was published here at 28 State Street in Boston

Patrick Donahoe: (1811-1901) Publisher. Born in Munnery, County Cavan, Ireland on March, 17. 1811 Donahoe emigrated to Boston at age ten with his parents. At fourteen he was apprenticed to a printer. He worked on "The Jesuit" a Catholic newspaper started by Bishop Fenwick in 1832. After the bishop relinquished its ownership, Donahoe carried it on for some time with H.L. Devereaux under the new title of "The Literary and Catholic Sentinel". In 1836 he began the publication of "The Pilot", a weekly paper devoted to Irish American and Catholic interests, which became the organ of Catholic opinion in New England. From there, he branched out to book publishing, concentrating on the growing Irish Catholic market. Although he grew wealthy, a series of bad turns and industrial fires drove him into bankruptcy. Archbishop Williams purchased "The Pilot" to help Dohanoe’s creditors and Donahoe started a monthly "Donahoe's Magazine" and an exchange and passenger agency. In 1881 he was able to buy back "The Pilot" and devoted his remaining years to its management. During the Civil War he helped to organize several New England Irish regiments. In 1893 the University of Notre Dame awarded him the Laetare Medal for signal services to American Catholic progress.