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What Tomas An Buile Said In a Pub by James Stephens, 1882

What Tomas An Buile Said In a Pub

By  James Stephens, 1882

(A ballad to the American Irish)

I saw God.

Do you doubt it?

Do you dare to doubt it?

I saw the Almighty Man. His hand

Was resting on a mountain, and

He looked upon the World and all about it:

I saw him plainer than you see me now, You mustn't doubt it.

He was not satisfied; His look was all dissatisfied.

His beard swung on a wind far out of sight

Behind the world's curve, and there was light

Most fearful from His forehead, and

He sighed, "That star went always wrong, and from the start I was dissatisfied.

"He lifted up His hand—I say He heaved a dreadful hand Over the spinning Earth.

Then I said, "Stay, You must not strike it, God; I'm in the way; And I will never move from where I stand."

He said, "Dear child, I feared that you were dead, "And stayed His hand