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"The Fair Hair'd Girl"

"The Fair Hair'd Girl"
translanslated from the Irish by Samuel Ferguson

The sun has set, the stars are still,

The red moon hides behind the hill;

The tide has left the brown beach bare,

The birds have fled the upper air;

Upon her branch the lone cuckoo

Is chanting still her sad adieu;

And you, my fair-hair'd girl, must go

Across the salt sea under woe!

I through love have learn'd three things,

Sorrow, sin, and death it brings;

Yet day by day my heart within

Dares shame and sorrow, death and sin;

Maiden, you have aim'd the dart

Rankling in my ruin'd heart;

Maiden, may the God above

Grant you grace to grant me love!

Sweeter than the viol's string,

And the notes that blackbirds sing;

Brighter than the dewdrops rare

Is the maiden wondrous fair;

Like the silver swans at play

Is her neck, as bright as day!

Woe is me, that e'er my sight

Dwelt on charms so deadly bright!