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A Visit From My Wife

A Visit From My Wife


O'Donovan Rossa

A single glance, and that glance the first,

And her image was fixed in my mind and nursed;

And now it is woven with all my schemes,

And it rules the realm of all my dreams.

One of Heaven's best gifts in an earthly mould,

With a figure Appelles might paint of old -

All a maiden's charms with a matron's grace,

And the blossom and bloom off the peach in her face.

And the genius that flashes her bright black eye

Is the face of the sun in a clouded sky;

She has noble thoughts - she has noble aims

And these thoughts on her tongue are sparkling gems.

With a gifted mind and spirit meek

She would right the wronged and assist the weak;

She would scorn dangers to cheer the brave,

She would smite oppression and free the slave.

Yet a blighted life is my loved one's part,

And death cold shroud is around her heart,

For winds from the "clouds of fate" have blown

That force her to face the hard world alone.

And a daughter she of trampled land,

With its children exiled, prisoned, banned;

And she vowed her love to a lover whom

The tyrant had marked for a felon's doom.

And snatched from her side erre the honeymoon wanted:

In the dungeons of England he lies enchained;

And the bonds that bind him "for life" a slave

Are binding his love to his living grave.

He would sever the link of such hopeless love,

Were that sentence "for ever" decreed above.

For the pleasures don't pay for the pains of life -

To be living in death with a widowed wife.

A single glance, and that glance the first,

And her image was fixed in my mind and nursed,

And now she's the woof of my worldly schemes,

And she sits enthroned as the queen of my dreams.